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Dee Thompson

I think we're all related through an immensely complex web of families that have been in GA, SC, and TN for over 100 years. My Grogan cousin was by marriage only and that marriage is over now, so we're not related any more, although I am still in touch with a Grogan who's a buddy regardless of divorce... LOL


Just a note to tell you that Bill Elliott is a Grogan - yes, those Grogans. He is a direct descendant of my 3rd g-grandmother, Mourning Grogan. This is through my mom's mom, but - as I remember - you also have some Grogan cousins. I wonder sometimes how many times over and how many ways we descendants of early North Georgia folks are kin.

Jill/Twipply Skwood

Glad it didn't work out! For just the reason Amy says above! Anyone who makes you wait for a commercial is already not worth dating in my book. ;-) Too bad I actually didn't learn that BEFORE my first marriage, but...whatever. :-)


UGH. Your wife life would have been reduced to sitting quietly in the kitchen waiting for the next commercial at which time you were allowed in the Man's Lair to provide Beer and Snacks.

I'd rather just watch Mad Men and be glad that's not me in that girdle/secretarial chair!

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