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June 11, 2011


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movie shane

Just watch it,,, although the plot is so much alike the first one,,, it still a funny treat... and fresh setting...

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I think audience reaction is a different thing than talking in a theater. Enthusiasm is always welcome. Thanks for the post!
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I know what you mean. I usually am more relaxed watching farcical and/or naughty movies without my kids. However, funny is funny, and Hangover II just wasn't funny, IMHO.


Hey! I want to see Hangover 2. I read your review. I always viewed movies differently when I watched them with Ian. . I think the last movie I watched with Ian was Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. I was appalled and could not enjoy the show knowing my teen was exposed to the content! Same with 40 Year Old Virgin. I tried watching it 3 times and would turn it off during it. I hated the thought my teen watched this and heard such casual approaches to such intimate sex. I finally watched it with friends and thought the movie was very funny! I loved Hangover 1 the first time I saw it- laughed so much. Other time I saw it on tv, I didnt really laugh. The surprise factor and absurdity was the key to it, I think. I look at movies like that as mindless entertainment. Funny, outrageous and fun with friends.

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