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August 18, 2012


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ice cream truck

I like your blog design and written style. Thanks for sharing these information.


Dee Thompson

I am naturally gifted [LOL]. I also blog every day..


Hello there! Do you have any blogging education or this is just a pure natural gift? Waiting forward to hear your answer.

Dan Bonser

A very good list. I completely agree with Good Will Hunting on there, and Casablanca, and Shawshank. The others are definitely up there, but I'd have put a couple of more in there above most of them. Avatar, Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Before Sunrise.... Just to name a few.

Sci-Fi Gene

Cool. I have to admit I have only seen eight of these (but then, I'm not American) but I found something to enjoy in all eight - so I should probably look into the others. Good to hear I'm not alone in thinking it's OK for cinema to be about entertainment :)

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