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Kathryn Brownlow

These are poems that will stay with me. Sharon has captured the universe in a few spare words...I've known the "copper penny" taste of fear and felt the "full orbed desire" of Etta's blues. Thank you.

Jeanette Gallagher

Sharon's poems touch our senses in a way that only she can. I love each poem published here! There's no need to compare and say which is better because each has its own message and is unique. Magnificent and delightful to read!


Beautiful powerful words. Thank you Sharon!


Wow! Beautiful!

Sandra Forte

You may remember what Bob Christin said: "It isn't fair to have so many talents." I've known about your poetry, your ability to nurture through your "e-mails to an old poet," and your culinary skills. But I never knew about your photography. Much too much talent. If you can sing, I don't want to hear about it.


Don't worry, Sandra, she can't sing. It's a curse in our family.

Annmarie Lockhart

What I love most about Sharon's poetry is the way I hear her honey voice in every single word on the page. These are wonderful examples of her ability to bring us to a particular moment in time and place, to be a spectator to her stories. She is an amazing talent, as are all the Albright Poets!

Sharon Poch

Thank you, friends all.

Goddess of the Flowing Waters

Only a Goddess of the Flowing Waters could vision such lovely
Love you soooooooo much.
Goddess of the Flowing Waters

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