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Sharon Poch

Jean's poetry sings--and sings songs in voices rich with imagery, with feeling. Real life told in lines of exquisite exactness. I love every word.


Thank you, my friend!

Readers of Dee's The Word Ocean should also read Sharon Poch's poem from February by clicking on her name!

Jeanette Gallagher

Each of Jean's poems are vivid with imagery and easy to put yourself inside the picture. I was there and loved every moment. Enjoyed the integrity and lucid language of life in her magnificent poetry.

Marty Basden (Fellow Albright Poet)

I like the sensuality of Bayside Summer, the edgy crevices of Hot Southern Summer, and the bucolic haziness of Cimarron River. American Woman made me laugh with what might be your fellow Albrights' imagined thought . . ."Ain't that just like a man". My favorite is Sitting in the Noonday Sun, because I am there. Damn good work, my friend.


Oh, Jeanette and Marty! Thank you so very much.

Dee Thompson's The Word Ocean seems to be an excellent venue for all sorts of poetry, and I thank her for it!

Murray McLeod

Listen to this woman. Read all her works.

Jean McLeod

Oh, Murray, today as s the first time I'd seen your comment here. Thank you so much.

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